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The Lighting Lizards 

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Why do you need an outdoor lighting system? The answer is simple; safety, curb appeal and happiness. The Lighting Lizards are experts in designing and installing lighting systems that do just that. We collect information from the installation site and client requests to create beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces that offer safety, reliability and comfort. 

Whether you are looking for subtle warmth or a show stopping color changing system we have got you covered.


Give your home or business the Luxurious Nightlife it deserves today by having The Lighting Lizards on the job Today!!!

Why Choose Us

We are pretty awesome, PLUS these other cool things

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We only work with Outdoor Lighting and Power and we take the steps necessary to be leaders in our industry, This is done by great relationships with manufacturers, vendors and partners. To be great, we must work together and advance together.  

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We take the time to be active in higher education. We attend lighting conferences and visit manufacturing facilities so that we can stay on top of industry and technology advancements. Plus, we have a Florida Electrical License and have been certified by the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, AOLP.



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We are dedicated to our clients. Our relationship does not stop just because we have finished your project. We like to make you part of our Lighting Family, that way we can stay involved with your lighting system and grow with you and your outdoor living spaces and landscapes. 

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Cocoa, FL, USA


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